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it’s just like so weird cause a lot of tumblrisms are clearly stemmed from aave and then killed by non-black POC & white people hence their constant misuse and eventual overuse, until black people come up w more terms to use 

terms like

  • basic
  • prayer circle
  • thirst/thirsty/the thirst
  • (example) game on point
  • (example) game strong
  • slay
  • shade
  • bruh
  • hunty
  • bae
  • stay in [pronoun] lane

etc etc etc

stop usin aave just because you learned it on tumblr

you’re still not entitled to it and you’re especially not if you just use it to seem hip and cool and funny

cause what it boils down to is that you don’t use it for expression and you were not raised to speak like that, nor do you live around people who speak like that— you just use it to be funny in front of your friends and that’s the thing I don’t like

this is a good post and im going to go ahead and add that the very popular word fuckboy is aave and existed pre tumblr in the black community stop using it

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Anonymous: hi, i'm sorry if this has been asked but in your powerpoint you said that the tumblr sj community is guilty of antisemitism. what kind of things has it done? also, i love your blog!






I’ll take this one since I’m the blog’s resident Jew.  Oy vey, where do I start…

  • SJ community loves to police Jewish identity and silence actual Jews when they talk about their own identities.  This usually happens in context of either “Are Jews White?” or “Jewishness is just a religion” conversations.  In reality, Jews are an ethnoreligious group that ethnically originated in the middle east, and while some ethnic Jews have light skin, it’s actually due to centuries of forced assimilation in European and Slavic countries through rape, which is a big reason why Jewishness is matrilineal.  Furthermore, there exist Jews who do not look white at all.  There are black, brown, and asian Jews who are all ethnically Jewish, and these conversations erase them.
  • "Jewish privilege".  Fact: It’s not a thing.  It’s actually a very common anti-semitic trope that says that Jews run everything so they are not oppressed.  Jews are oppressed, and face anti-semitic violence.
  • "Anti-semitism is not just about Jews, there are other semitic people." While yea, there are other semitic people, the term "anti-semitism" was created by Germans in the 19th century to refer specifically to the hatred of Jews because it sounded more scientific.
  • Blaming anti-semitic violence in Europe on the actions of Israel.  I see this literally every single day on this site, and it’s very upsetting.  Jews that live in the diaspora are not responsible for Israel’s actions, and especially should not be suffering at the hands of white people in Europe under the guise of anti-zionism.  
  • Finally, and this is a big pet peeve of mine.  The only people I ever see reblogging posts about anti-semitism are other Jews.  Even a lot of my non-Jewish followers will reblog posts about racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. but ignore posts about anti-semitism, and that as a Jew makes me feel unsafe. 

That’s enough for now.  If you’re interested in learning more about Jewish identity and anti-semitism, you are welcome to check out my personal blog: yochevedke.  I discuss that stuff a lot.  


Another Jew reblogging about anti-semitism. I’ve seen some increase in concern about this from goyim, but it’s been slow going. Hopefully we’ll pick up a big head of steam soon.

"The only people I ever see reblogging posts about anti-semitism are other Jews. Even a lot of my non-Jewish followers will reblog posts about racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. but ignore posts about anti-semitism, and that as a Jew makes me feel unsafe."

the amount with which this point in particular resonates with me is unreal

The bold is especially important.

I don’t think I suffer a lot from anti-Semitism, and I certainly don’t face anything close to the degree of oppression that many of my peers have to face because of their gender and sexual identity and the color of their skin. That being said, The previous posters are absolutely right on all counts.

Again, The only people I ever see reblogging posts about anti-Semitism are other Jews, while many blogs I follow reblog every post under the sun relating to racism, sexism, and homophobia. This issue has on occasion made me feel pretty isolated, because I have seen a lot of people reblogging posts related to recents events in Gaza that reflected extremely anti-Israel points of view. There’s nothing wrong with that, people have every right to hold those opinions, and I even share some of them. However, as the original poster said, a lot of recent anti-Semitic violence in Europe stems from the the willingness of anti-Israel Europeans to hold Jews in the Diaspora responsible for the actions of the state of Israel. This is not ok. This is anti-Semitism, and this is part of what American Jews are seeing as anti-Semitic in what tumblr users say and do.

The average American Jew on tumblr doesn’t think “I support what Israel is doing in Gaza, and the horrible things people say about Israel are anti-Semitic attacks”.

The average American Jew on tumblr thinks “I don’t support what Israel is doing in Gaza, and even though there wasn’t a single popular protest in Europe over civilian deaths in Syria, Libya, or elsewhere in the Middle East caused government violence, but as soon as Israel did it Europe was outraged, and tumblr exploded with anti-Israel posts covering the protests and Israel’s actions.”

‘ISIL using US weapons in Syria, Iraq’


The ISIL terrorist group, which is operating in Syria and Iraq, is using weapons provided by the United States, an American peace activist says.

Don DeBar, anti-war activist and radio host in New York, made the remarks in a phone interview with Press TV on Saturday, a day after US President Barack Obama said Washington is assembling a broad international coalition to “snuff out” ISIL terrorists from Syria and Iraq.

The ISIL militants, who were initially trained by the CIA in Jordan in 2012 to destabilize the Syrian government, control large parts of Syria’s northern territory. ISIL sent its fighters into Iraq in June, quickly seizing large swaths of land straddling the border between the two countries.

According to the White House, the terrorist group recently beheaded American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff in Syria. Foley was reportedly killed last month, and Sotloff was executed early this month.

“The head chopping incident — in the past couple of weeks — of two US journalists has provided enough political support in the estimation of the White House for them to announce that they’re going to conduct airstrikes not against the Syrian government but against this ISIL/ISIS/Islamic State group,” DeBar said.

“What’s not reported in the US media is [that] most of the arms in the hands of that group came from the United States as did much of the funding,” he said. “And the situation just conveniently allows the United States to go back into Iraq despite Obama being elected for his claims [of] opposition to the war on Iraq last time.”

This week, Obama authorized US airstrikes against ISIL terrorists in Syria. The US has already conducted more than 150 airstrikes against ISIL targets in neighboring Iraq.

“President Obama, the other night, essentially announced that he would be the fourth president in a row to conduct war on Iraq, beginning with George Bush the first in 1991, Bill Clinton for his entire term, George Bush the second in early 2003, and now this commencement of another war on Iraq,” DeBar noted.



Things nobody seems to remember:

  • On Alternia, zombies come out daily. This adds to the long-ass list of reasons most trolls are nocturnal.
  • Kanaya killed zombies

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More thought-provoking and challenging displays from the Swedish Historical Museum. Submitted by xanthy-m.



change.org just sent me a petition to demand that the US name a warship after Harvey Milk and if that isn’t the most succinct example of the way queer advocacy has been coopted by neoliberalism and the military-industrial complex, bless me I don’t know what is.

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house of leafs tumblr au where johnny reblogs other peoples posts and writes unrelated multiparagraph blog entries about his problems in the tags 

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have you ever looked at an authority figure in your life and thought “wow i respect a well-grilled hot dog more than i respect you”

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Signs without Signification - Jeff Brouws

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when u make ur girlfriend food so she has time to eat between classes then she’s late and her noodles get soggy :c



Vox has a depressing list outlining the reality of violence that women face in the United States every day:

1. Most women experience physical abuse in their lifetime

2. Nearly one-quarter of women experience a physical or sexual assault by an intimate partner

3. Seven in ten assaults against women are perpetrated by an intimate partner

4. One in five women are raped in their lifetime

5. One in thirteen murder victims are killed by their husband or boyfriend

6. One in ten women has a head or spinal cord injury as a result of physical assault

7. But most assault victims don’t receive medical care

8. Eighteen percent of mass shooters have a domestic violence charge

9. Rates of sexual assault are declining

Why are straight white men’s rights activists are so insistent that women don’t need feminism? Why are online reactionaries so upset with “social justice warriors” for pointing these issues out?

Is the above reality the one they expect women to be satisfied with?

I suppose that’s why “the abuser’s lobby” is such an apt name for the men’s rights movement.

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"Vancouver School Board Introduces Gender-Neutral Pronouns"

"Students and teachers in Vancouver can now use the gender-neutral pronouns "xe," "xem," and "xyr." The move is designed to accommodate students for whom "he" and "she" does not fit or is deemed inappropriate…

"The newly coined pronouns — xe, xem, and xyr — are pronounced to rhyme with the genderless plurals "they," "them," and "their," and all starting with the "z" sound. So phonetically speaking, they’re pronounced "zey, "zem", and "zare.""

(Source: io9)

Click here to read the full article.

the article doesn’t do the issue justice.

the issue regarded policy change, where the vancouver school board’s (VSB) LGBTQ+ advisory committee re-wrote existing policy to protect staff and students falling on the queer and trans spectrums. 

the policy revision includes

-they/them/their and non-traditional pronouns being recognized by the school system

-required used of preferred names and pronouns by all staff and students

-preferred names/pronouns on all school records

-gender-accesible washrooms and change rooms available to those who require them

-disciplinary action taken against those who act in a discriminatory or hateful manner towards students, staff, and families falling on the queer and trans spectrums


the consultation was the longest ever done by the VSB, with over 120 speakers spread across 3 meetings. 

the process also resulting in two school board trustees being ejected form their party’s caucus, due their discriminatory actions and arguments. 

these are links to stories by vancouver media about the issue


metro news

global BC

huffington post

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Janelle Monáe Backstage at Bonnaroo Music & Arts Fesitval  2014

Photo by Pooneh Ghana

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hey i just thought of a fun game called Lets Stop Citing Stats About Violence/Poverty Among Bisexuals Without Also Acknowledging That Bi People Are “disproportionately women and people of color

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A bunch of sketches from my Twitter! The only postable stuff I have at the moment tends to be fairly sketchy, so I feel more comfortable posting it over there. It’s accumulated a bit though, so here’s a little dump